Pre-Trip Checklist

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If you’re gearing up for a road trip, you should think about creating a pre-trip checklist. After all, there are plenty of road trip essentials to keep track of. Alaska Tire Service has gathered some helpful tips to get you started. Keep reading to learn more about what to bring on a road trip. If you need assistance with repairs before you depart, stop in and see us in Anchorage, AK.

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Important Documents

You should have important documents at all times, but it’s especially important on a road trip. You’ll need to have your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance information. It may not seem like a road trip essential, but your owner’s manual may come in handy. Should something go wrong and you’re not close to a repair shop, you can see what the manufacturer recommends for certain issues.

Plan Your Route

This may not be an item that you pack in your vehicle, but having a plan can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a bad one. When you know your destination, you can plan your route and stops along the way, whether it be for resting, eating, or visiting attractions. You can also avoid roads with construction or other issues as well.

Inspect Your Vehicle

This is a critical component of your pre-trip checklist, so don’t skip it! You need to inspect your vehicle before you leave. Start by examining the tires to ensure they’re properly inflated. Check to make sure that there’s nothing lodged in the tread that needs to be removed. You’ll also want to confirm that the tires are wearing evenly.

Take the time to check your fluids, too. Make sure that you have plenty of oil and it’s in good condition. If it’s sludgy or black, then it’s time for a change. The brake fluid will also need to be checked. Of course, you’ll want to begin your journey with a full tank of fuel. It’s a good idea to keep an empty gas canister in your vehicle in case you run out and need to walk to get some.

Emergency Preparedness

Finally, be prepared for emergencies. You can create an emergency car kit to bring on all your trips, which should include items like tools, jumper cables, flares, a spare tire, gloves, rope, and so on. Another road trip essential is a first-aid kit, so you can handle minor injuries and illnesses when they occur.

We hope that this pre-trip checklist has been useful in your planning process. If you need a new set of tires or wheels before your adventure, visit us at Alaska Tire Service in Eagle River, AK. We’re proud to serve all of Alaska.