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Why Tires Matter

Take it from the experts: tires that are adequately inflated, regularly rotated, and properly aligned will protect everything from your passengers to your fuel economy. When your tires are in optimal shape, you are less prone to skidding and hydroplaning. Furthermore, good traction equates to better acceleration, faster stops, and better handling overall. Even the simple step of maintaining proper tire pressure improves vehicle control and fuel economy. Tires are the main contact between you and the road, further solidifying their importance to everyday driving. Here at Alaska Tire Service in Anchorage, Alaska, we are your local tire experts. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of tire care, repair, and replacement, and we are always available to address your tire-related concerns and questions. Whether you’re in need of tire maintenance or a new set of tires, you can trust our tire shop to be there for you and all your tire needs! Give us a call at  (907) 344-6288 to learn more or to schedule an appointment at our 88th Avenue shop.

Tire Services We Offer

Our tire shop offers numerous tire services to keep your car, truck, or SUV performing at peak capacity. Tire rotations are one of the most common maintenance items we provide that ensure even wear across all four tires. Tire balances are performed to correct any imbalance between the tire and wheel assembly. Proper inflation is important for optimum tire performance; under or over inflation can affect traction and handling and increase the chances of flats and blowouts. Besides basic tire care, you may need occasional wheel alignment. Visit our Anchorage tire shop if you notice your vehicle drifts without steering input, handling has changed, tire wear is uneven, or if you hear unusual noises when turning or cornering. Many vehicular issues have a way of masquerading as something else. Uneven tire wear, for example, can trace back to your alignment, suspension, or even your brakes. Guessing is not an option. Visit our tire shop for expert diagnostics, quick repairs, and even rebates on tires. Our goal, like yours, is to ensure that every drive is as safe and enjoyable as you deserve.

New Tires for Sale

You’ll want to visit your local auto tire shop for new tires every 50,000 miles on average. This number varies based on the type and quality of your tires, their applications (hauling and towing cause more wear, for instance), and road conditions. Remember that age is another reason to replace tires; tires on a vehicle that has been periodically driven, or a spare that’s been sitting in your trunk for five to six years should be replaced regardless of visible condition due to the natural degradation of rubber. When it comes time to purchase new tires, the number of different types and styles can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Here at Alaska Tire Service, we aim to simplify the process with our website’s tire selection and finder tool and our professional guidance along the way to choosing the tires best suited for your car, truck, or SUV. At our tire shop, we also offer Road Hazard Insurance, designed to provide coverage for your new tires in the event you encounter un-repairable damages on the road; certain exceptions apply. If you’re in need of new tires, visit us today at  2330 East 88th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99507. We can walk you through our different options available.