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Keeping Drivers Safely On The Road

Reliable transport is so crucial to our daily lives. We see our favorite tv characters walk out of the house to find a flat tire, and we relate to the disappointment and panic that emergency repairs bring. In Alaska, disappointment and panic are often accompanied by danger because of our unforgiving and changeable weather. Sometimes being stuck goes beyond inconvenient into the realm of being dangerous. You always need a vehicle that can get to the store, to work, or to any emergency without fail. We mention tires because they are an essential, but often ignored part of your vehicle’s performance. Our technicians at Alaska Tire Service will always recommend preventative maintenance as a cost-saving, panic-avoiding practice.

Preventative Maintenance for Future Savings

When it comes to your tires, preventative maintenance includes wheel alignment, tire rotation, and repairs. If you experience any of these signs swing by our shop today at 2330 East 88th Avenue to speak to a technician.

Wheel Alignment

During wheel alignment, our trained technicians will assess the suspension components that control the angle at which your tires contact the ground. By ensuring the tires have solid, consistent contact with the road, the tread will wear more evenly and prevent weak spots on each individual tire.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotation, on the other hand, ensures that all four tires are wearing at an even rate so that, as a set, they will last longer on your vehicle.

Tire Repairs

Finally, repairs, unlike wheel alignment and tire rotation, are often a reaction rather than prevention. If a driver quickly repairs a leaking tire, they could prevent the puncture from growing and eventually blowing out the tire at speed on Highway 1. Your tires directly affect the driving experience in your vehicle, and damaged tires can cause new sensations like shuddering, pulling in either direction, and difficulty steering.

Discounts to Promote Diligence

At Alaska Tire Service, we know the expense of tire repair and replacement might mean some people leave their tire repairs unchecked, and that’s dangerous for you as a driver and for the other drivers in the Anchorage community. Be sure to check out our rebates for discounts on brand name tires like Goodyear and Hankook. Our highly-skilled technicians will be able to use our Tire Fitment Guide to help you choose the tire that perfectly suits your needs. Are you commuting regularly so that the majority of your driving is highway? You may want a tire that promotes fuel efficiency. Does your work vehicle need to navigate less-forgiving road surfaces? We stock tires that are designed for any terrain. Call (907) 344-6288 for an appointment to speak with a technician today and to set up your next tire maintenance appointment.