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Why Wheels Are Important

All drivers understand the importance of tires, but many may not understand the importance of wheels. As the component that houses the tire, wheels are vital to the performance of your car in several ways. For example, they directly affect your vehicle’s handling, acceleration, braking, ride quality, and alignment. Wheels reduce the force of friction, help turn with more force, or help turn faster. Wheels receive the energy to move from the engine, which is transferred through the drive shaft. A car’s wheel is made up of many parts, each with its own purpose. The outboard face, also known as the “spider,” is the main part of the wheel with the design; it not only provides aesthetics, but also wheel structure. Center bore, plate, spokes, rim, bolt circle, and valve stem bore are the additional aspects of a wheel. The majority of wheels are made up of aluminum alloy or steel, but there are also forged, cast, chrome, and diamond cut varieties. When it comes to the wheels of your car, truck, SUV, commercial vehicle, or semi, we have you covered here at Alaska Tire Service in Anchorage, Alaska, at our Dimond Boulevard location. We offer tire and wheel services, such as tire rotations, balances, and wheel alignment, and we sell custom wheels.

When Do You Need New Wheels?

A wheel isn’t something that has to be changed regularly. In fact, many drivers can go the entire vehicle’s lifespan without wheel issues. However, some on-road situations can cause damage to a wheel, necessitating replacement. Wheel damage can compromise your safety and your vehicle’s performance, which is why we don’t recommend putting off repair or replacement. “Curb rash” occurs when your wheels scrape against a curb and results in scuffing, scrapes, or scratches. This exposure to the elements can quickly lead to rust, which is not only unsightly, but can also eat away at your wheels. A bent wheel happens most often after an accident or an impact with a pothole, curb, or other road hazard, which can also affect how the tire sits in the wheel well. This type of damage can lead to a tire leak, a sudden loss of tire air, and vibration/shaking from the tire’s uneven contact with the road. If severe enough, components like your wheel bearings, steering, and suspension systems can be affected. The third main type of wheel damage is cracking, which results after impact with an object. Of course, there are also drivers who like to change their wheels every so often with new custom wheels for aesthetic purposes. In either scenario, our tire shop is the perfect solution with our vast array of custom wheels available.

Shop Our Custom Wheels Today

When it comes to tires and wheels, Alaska Tire Service deserves to be your first choice. Our auto shop is designed and equipped to accommodate all tire and wheel needs, and our specialists are thoroughly trained in both components. In terms of wheel shopping, it’s pertinent you adhere to the proper fit specific to your vehicle. We’ll review the diameter, offset, backspace, and proper mounting specifications to determine the custom wheels best suited for your vehicle and driving style. Through our partnership with The Wheel Group, you can take a look at the different wheel options offered. It’ll ask for your vehicle’s year, make, model, and trim level, and the results will then populate. You are welcome to view the wheels solo, or view how the wheels look on your vehicle. This provides a clear picture of what you can expect from your new set of custom wheels. To learn more, get in touch with us soon at (907) 562-6288. We look forward to equipping your vehicle with new wheels here at your local tire shop, located at 1820 W Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515.