Offroad Tires

Choosing an Off-Road Tire

Anyone who has had the pleasure of living in Alaska will tell you that the views are absolutely breathtaking. Let’s just say, it’s never a bad idea to take the scenic route. Although, it is crucial to take some precautions to ensure you have a safe ride. For starters, we strongly encourage you to invest in a pair of durable off-road tires. This is especially important if you’re new to driving in Alaska or in an area with heavy snowfall and various types of terrain.

Here at Alaska Tire Service, we’re here to help you choose the best off-road tire for your needs. If you have questions or want to check out our inventory, stop by our dealership today! We offer three convenient locations with two in Anchorage and one in Eagle River, AK.

Tread Design

Believe it or not, tread design plays a major role in the capability of your tire. The three factors you’ll need to consider are tread depth, knob size, and pattern shape. Tread depth is how much the tires will displace soft material and grip the ground underneath it. You’ll want a deeper tread if you’re traveling in areas with a lot of loose debris on the ground. The larger the knob size is, the more contact and better traction you’ll have. Pattern shape is in reference to the grooves on a tire’s surface. For example, some patterns are designed to create better traction in wet conditions and others are better for dry terrain.


Speaking of terrain, the type of off-road tire you choose will largely depend on the areas you plan to drive in. In many cases, customers who choose to invest in off-road tires will be driving on trails with varying terrain. For instance, if you know you’ll be in areas with plenty of dirt and rocks, you’d consider a lower tread depth with a greater density of shorter knobs. In this case, extra tread depth won’t do much if there’s nothing to displace. You’ll be best suited for a set of hard-terrain tires that’ll handle rocky ground with ease and guarantee a smooth ride.

As for soft terrain, you need longer knobs and tread depths to handle loose ground. The knobs on soft-terrain tires are more spread out so they can kick gravel, mud, and sand out of the tread for improved traction. You’ll have more knobs placed on the sides of the tire and this will help to grip softer ground as you take those hard corners. Remember that because these designs are highly intricate, you’ll likely want differences between the front and rear tires.

Tire Firment Guide

When to Replace Your Off-Road Tires

You should get a lot of life out of your off-road tires but you should still be aware of when it’s time to get a replacement. Some warning signs include worn out tread, irregular tire shape, or puncture holes. All of these signs indicate it might be time to replace your tires. You’ll need to pay close attention to ensure all of your tires are in similar condition and there’s no uneven wear. If you notice a big difference, it might be time for a rotation. If you’re not too sure about the warning signs then it’s good to know the age of your tires. As a general rule, five years is the maximum amount of time you should leave the same set of tires on a vehicle. Check your manufacture date to get an idea of when it’ll be time for a replacement. If you notice any visible indicators or if cracking appears, you might need to make the switch regardless of the tire age.

There are many other key factors to keep in mind when you’re driving in this beautiful state, like using caution with hills. You should avoid hitting the gas once you’re traveling up a hill. Instead, gain momentum prior to driving upward so the hill can carry you up, especially when the roads are icy. Another great tip is that even though there’s a posted speed limit on a highway, remember that this number is for ideal weather conditions. When it’s harsh out and the roads are covered in snow and ice, you need to be extra cautious. During most of the winter season, roads in Anchorage are covered in a thick layer of snow, which can get pretty bumpy as it settles and is driven over numerous times. If you find yourself driving during a snowstorm while also navigating a snow-covered road, you’ll want to go even slower.

At Alaska Tire Service, we’re happy to help you find the perfect off-road tires for your vehicle. For more tips and information on driving in Alaska and choosing the right tire, stop by our dealership today! You can find us in Anchorage or Eagle River, AK. For your convenience, we also offer repairs and financing at our dealership.

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