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Understanding the Role of Your Wheels

Do you know what wheels do? Aside from holding the tires in place and offering aesthetic appeal, wheels are responsible for a lot more than you may think. For instance, a wheel is the connecting piece between the engine power and tire. Engine power is released and sent through the drive shaft, which then leads to the wheel. The power is then transferred from the axle/hub to the tires. Considering this, it comes as no surprise that your vehicle’s wheels affect accelerating and braking, ride quality, handling, and alignment. There are many aspects to a wheel, such as the outboard face, center bore, plate, spokes, rim, bolt circle, and valve stem bore. Alaska Tire Service in Eagle River, Alaska is your trusted source for your wheel needs. We offer wheel service (wheel alignment) and repair, tire services (tire rotations, balances, and tire sales) and custom wheels. If you are in need of a new set of wheels, look to our experts! At our tire shop, we service all makes and models, in addition to commercial vehicles and semis, and we look forward to serving you and equipping your vehicle with custom wheels soon.

When Do You Need to Replace Wheels?

Unlike components like oil, tires, and filters, wheels don’t need to be replaced at a specific interval; replacement is required on an as-needed basis. Due to the proximity to the ground and the relation to tires, wheels can incur damage on the road. One of the most common is called “curb rash.” This occurs when your vehicle brushes up against the curb and receives a scuff, scrape, or scratch as a result. If left untreated, rust can take form from the metal’s exposure to the elements, resulting in poor appearance and the potential to compromise the integrity of the wheel. Wheels can also crack or bend after an accident or an impact with a curb, pothole, or other road hazard. This can knock off how a tire is housed and cause a tire leak or vibrations/shaking. If the damage to the wheel is severe, surrounding parts like the wheel bearings, suspension, and steering can also be damaged. If your wheels are in prime condition, but you want to spruce up your ride a bit with a new set, browse our custom wheels today. No matter the reason for new wheels, rest assured we are here to assist in any way we can.

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Since 1994, Alaska Tire Service has been successfully fulfilling the tire and wheel needs of our customers. We offer all-wheel and tire services, in addition to the replacement of both with top brand tires and custom wheel options. We’ve partnered with The Wheel Group to give our customers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Input your vehicle details, and it’ll present all-wheel options fit for your car. In addition to looking at photos and reading specs, you can see how your vehicle looks with a specific type of wheel equipped. We strive to make your shopping experience comprehensive, which is why we are so excited to offer this tool. We want you to stay safe behind the wheel, and we will work with you to choose the best set of custom wheels for your vehicle that adhere to OEM specifications. At our tire shop, we offer rebates, financing, and instant tire pricing along with our wheel and tire expertise. Visit us at 12400 Old Glenn HWY #5, Eagle River, AK 99577 to acquire new custom wheels today! Our team can be contacted at (907) 622-6288 with any questions you may have.