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Custom Wheels in Anchorage, Alaska

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The Basics of Wheels

Wheels are often a misjudged component of a vehicle. While they are a large aspect of vehicle aesthetics, they also contribute significantly to the performance and comfort of your vehicle. The main purpose of a wheel is to house a tire that ensures the engine power is correctly transferred to the ground. This power travels through the drivetrain to the wheel, which then transfers it from the axle/hub to the tires. There are various parts that make up a car wheel, each with its own role: outboard face, center bore, plate, spokes, rim, bolt circle, and valve stem bore. The outboard face, for example, is the main face of the wheel that provides structural support. The center bore is the hole in the center of the wheel, and the section surrounding it is the plate. The spokes are the structures that connect the plate to the edge of the rim. Here at Alaska Tire Service in Anchorage, Alaska, we are tire and wheel experts. We understand the importance of both to a vehicle and are here to help when you need any wheel service, including wheel replacement. We offer an array of custom wheels that meet the needs of our diverse range of customers from our location at 2330 East 88th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99507.

When to Buy Custom Wheels

The purchase of new wheels can be a want or a need. Many drivers like to customize their vehicle to their specific taste, which often includes opting for custom wheels. Wheels are relatively easy to change as well, which means drivers are more likely to alter this part of their vehicle. However, sometimes needing to change wheels is a necessity for the safety of you and your car. Potholes can pose big problems for automobiles. If you hit a pothole hard enough, it can dent your wheels. Of course, the same thing can happen if you run into a curb or a bump too hard. If your vehicle is equipped with alloy wheels, your wheels may be even more susceptible to dents than steel wheels. That’s because alloy wheels often come with low-profile tires, which don’t provide much protection when it comes to wheel dents caused by an impact. In addition to dents, alloy wheels are vulnerable to pitting. Steel wheels and alloy wheels can both experience corrosion. Corrosion is often caused by moisture, road salt, brake dust, or dirt. Corrosion is more than a cosmetic issue; it can destroy the integrity of your wheels. Corrosion can cause even bigger problems if it spreads to other areas, such as your axles or wheel studs.

Visit Our Auto Shop Today

If you are interested in purchasing custom wheels, turn to Alaska Tire Service. We have access to an assorted inventory of wheels that fall into various categories of aesthetic. In addition to looks, we carry all sizes and types, including alloy, steel, chrome, forged, cast, and diamond. You can browse different wheel options from our website via The Wheel Group; simply input your vehicle information, and it’ll populate the wheels fit for your ride. Choose the wheels that pique your interest, and it’ll display a photo with them on your vehicle so you can see how it’d look. Once you have a few options picked out, speak to our custom wheels team for next steps. We’ll ensure the wheels are suitable for your vehicle and driving style. When changing wheels, it’s important to remember that they can impact alignment, handling, ride quality, acceleration, and braking, which is why professional installment here at our wheel and tire shop is highly recommended; we also offer tire rotations, repairs, replacement, and wheel alignment. For more information or to book an appointment for custom wheels, call us today at (907) 344-6288. We are located at 2330 East 88th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99507.