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Getting from Point A to Point B is much easier and safer when you have a good set of tires on your vehicle. Tires not only ensure proper traction and grip on the road but also better handling, acceleration, braking, and fuel economy. Routine maintenance is a must when it comes to caring for your tires and keeping them in top form. Here at Alaska Tire Service in Anchorage, Alaska, we can help you with all your tire needs! In addition to basic tire maintenance, we sell a wide range of tires and offer tire installation service. We are proud to provide tire care for cars, SUVs, light-duty trucks, semis, and commercial vehicles. We do our best to offer our customers everything they need for a successful and satisfactory visit at our tire shop with the availability of rebates, financing, status updates via text or email while we work on your car, and online tire shopping. Experience the difference of working with us today at 1820 W Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515.

Tire Maintenance Services

When it comes to tire service, there are three main maintenance tasks to keep up to date on. Tire rotations are the most common. Your driving style, road conditions, and other factors cause each of your vehicle’s four tires to wear down at different rates. When tires are rotated, they might be moved from the back to front, or left to right, and vice versa. This helps them wear more evenly and allows your tires to last longer. Tire balances are performed to correct the imbalance of weight between the tire and wheel, which is indicated through vibrations in the steering wheel and faster tread wear. The third tire service we do at our tire shop is wheel alignment, which involves adjusting the angle of the tires to ensure they make proper contact with the road. At home, keeping an eye on your tires can go a long way to making sure they last as long as possible. Inspect them regularly and look for treads that are starting to wear down or wear unevenly, signs of damage, and inflation levels and adjust as necessary. For reliable and efficient same-day tire service, call our tire shop at (907) 562-6288 to book an appointment. We also welcome walk-ins.

Tire Sales and Installation

There comes a point during every vehicle ownership that the tires will need to be replaced. Potholes, nails, and mishaps can all cause tires to pop or deflate unexpectedly, while everyday driving puts its own strain on your tires, causing them to wear over time. When your vehicle is due for a new set of tires, trust your local tire shop, Alaska Tire Service! We offer an impressive selection of tires for sales of all types and brands. Hankook winter tires? You got it. Michelin all-season? Of course. All-terrain, all-season Sumitomo? You bet. For a comprehensive look at our offerings, utilize our online tire finder system. You need to input your vehicle information, the tire size, or your license plate number, and it’ll populate the best options. On top of selling tires, we can also swap out your old tires for your new set! We use the right tools and possess the knowledge to perform efficient tire installation service here at our tire shop. Not to mention, all tires purchased at our facility are backed by our Road Hazard Insurance Policy. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us soon.