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Buy & Maintain Tires With Our Team

Although they are literally where the rubber meets the road, tires are too often neglected. The condition of your tires affects every aspect of your vehicle, including fuel efficiency, safety, and comfort. By ensuring the tread wears evenly, that your wheels are aligned properly, and that they maintain proper air pressure, you are also making sure your set of tires lasts even longer. At Alaska Tire Service, our technicians can help you with every step of the tire selection and purchasing process, as well as with ongoing maintenance.

Tire Selection Process

Shopping for new tires can feel like as much of an obligation as buying a new car! There are so many different types of tires for all different conditions, and to the untrained eye, they all look pretty similar. That’s okay because you should be selecting your tires not on what they look like, but by how they can improve your vehicle experience. At Alaska Tire Service, our expert technicians can help you narrow down tire choices by determining what tires are appropriate for your vehicle. We use a Tire Fitment Guide that displays tires suited to your vehicle year, make, and model.

How Do You Drive?

Then, the deciding factor for choosing tires is in how you use them. All-season tires are a common selection because they perform well in most conditions. Performance tires enhance your vehicle’s grip, with increased handling and better cornering. There are also extreme condition tires, such as winter tires that provide extra traction for snow and ice conditions — an essential for most drivers in Anchorage. Trucks and larger SUVs also have their own tire options built for their more robust frames. Whether you have an idea of the tires you are looking for or if you need someone to listen to your vehicle needs and steer you in the right direction, swing by our shop today at 1820 W Dimond Boulevard and speak with one of our highly-skilled technicians.

Preventative Maintenance

Once you find your new tires, you will want to take care of them to make sure you get the most out of your investment. We always stress the need for preventative maintenance. With tires, that means regular wheel alignment, tire rotation, and repairs. Wheel alignment ensures that each tire is meeting the road at the correct angle so that the tread wears evenly and where it is supposed to, directly in the center. Tire rotation looks at the wear on all 4 tires at the same time to make sure they are all wearing at the same pace. Finally, tire repairs are probably one of the best cost-saving measures for vehicle owners. Deciding to drive on a low or leaking tire can cause further damage to the tread or even cause a blow out when you are driving at speed down Walter J. Hickel Parkway. Drivers who repair a low or leaking tire early can get more life out of their tire if it is properly patched. If you have questions about your current tires or are looking to purchase a new set, call our shop today at (907) 562-6288 to speak with a skilled technician.