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Run Flat Tires at Alaska Tire Service

Let’s start with the basics. What is a run flat tire? This type of tire is designed to support the weight of the vehicle so you can continue driving after a puncture, so you’ll have enough time to change it or get to a repair shop. While this is an excellent feature to have, you cannot drive on a puncture indefinitely. Depending on the brand, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer as to how far you can safely drive on your run flat tires.

The two main types of run flat tires include the self-supporting system and the support ring system. When it comes to most self-supporting systems, the tire has a reinforced sidewall construction that’s designed to continue supporting the weight of your vehicle even when you’ve experienced a puncture or air loss. This unique construction allows for continued operation for the distance and speed specified by the tire manufacturer.

The support ring system works a bit differently. With these run flat tires, a ring of hard rubber is used to support the weight of the vehicle during air loss. No matter which type you use, these tires are only to be used on vehicles that are equipped with working tire pressure monitoring systems. As you’re probably aware, this is the system that alerts you to loss of tire pressure.

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Key Benefits

Clearly, the main benefit of run flat tires is that you can continue operating your vehicle after a puncture. This means you won’t have to immediately get on all fours and change the flat. After all, many road conditions are uncomfortable or simply too dangerous.

You’ll have time to safely get to a repair shop or your home where you can change the flat. If you experience a puncture, a run flat tire offers more stability than a conventional tire. You can count on the fact that your steering and handling will be about the same. Keep in mind that vehicles with run flat tires typically do not have a spare wheel, tire, or repair tools inside. This means the weight of your vehicle will be less.

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