Fuzion tires at Alaska Tire Service!

If you’re in the market for dependable, affordable and no-frills tires for your vehicle, then look no further. Fuzion tires offers the perfect combination of comfort, performance and affordability: the most fundamental requirement of daily city drivers.

Fuzion tires come with silica-enhanced tread compound, which is pretty much the accepted norm in the tire industry. This allows the tires to be made of softer, grippier rubber, minimizing the risk of wear and tear. Multiple stiffened grooves between the four circumferential grooves improve stability while the tread has notched ribs for better traction on wet roads. Though these tires are not really designed for racing or off roading, when it comes to city streets, Fuzion is arguably the epitome of what you’d expect your tires to deliver.

To check out reliable tires at a great price, drop by Alaska Tire Service at our dealership in Eagle River in Anchorage for a walkthrough of our inventory of tires for sale. We happily serve all of Alaska.

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