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Why Tire Care Is Important

As the point of contact between your vehicle and the road, the health of your tires should be considered of equal importance to the health of your engine. Tires were many hats that contribute to your daily driving dynamics. First, they effectively transmit the torque, traction, and braking forces to the road surface. They also maintain and change the direction of travel and support the weight of the vehicle. Additionally, tires act to insulate the vehicle from the road, reducing road noise and leading to a more comfortable ride. When one or more of your tires becomes compromised, performance will suffer. If a tire’s air pressure is low, for example, your tires become less stable, braking is slower, gas mileage is affected due to the increased resistance, and the rate of wear is higher. Serving Eagle River, Alaska Tire Service is your trusted tire shop that caters to all your tire needs. We offer tire maintenance, repair, and replacement, in addition to an expansive selection of tire options. We service all makes and models, as well as commercial vehicles and semis. Visit us soon at 12400 Old Glenn HWY #5, Eagle River, AK 99577 in the Eagle River area.

Tire Maintenance and Repair

Tire care is a crucial aspect of routine maintenance. By coming in regularly for tire service, you’re ensuring each tire is in top condition and addressing issues as they arise. One of the most common tire maintenance tasks we do is tire rotation. Tires tend to wear down at different rates depending on their position. Rotating your tires helps spread the wear evenly across your vehicle, further increasing their lifespan. We also offer tire balances that eliminate imbalance between the tire and wheel assembly and wheel alignment, which ensures the tires meet the road at the right angle. In the event of a puncture, our technicians may be able to repair it; a full inspection will be required to confirm if repair is possible. Other types of damage, such as cracks, bulges, or cuts, usually need replacement instead. Regular service at our local tire shop ensures that your tires are correctly pressurized, wearing evenly, and damage-free. If it’s been a while since we last inspected your tires, make a service appointment today. Your car’s tires are critical to your vehicle’s performance, safety, and fuel efficiency, and we’ll ensure you get top service.

Tire Sales and New Tire Installation

Your tires are in constant motion and experience a range of road and terrain conditions. This exposure leads to normal wear and tear, and in some cases, damage. Tires last about 50,000 miles on average, with certain situations increasing or decreasing that mileage marker. When it comes time to purchase a new set of tires, look to our tire shop in Eagle River. We carry a vast assortment of tires of all types and brands to suit our diverse customer base. Examples include winter, all-season, all-terrain, run-flat, and off-road tires, and Bridgestone, Hankook, and Firestone. You can view our stock in person or on our website, where we provide an advanced tire finder tool that lets you search by vehicle type, tire size, or license plate number. Our tire shop is also equipped to replace your old tires with your new set correctly and to OEM specifications. Each set purchased can be paired with our Road Hazard Insurance, which provides coverage if your tires succumb to damage on the road. To learn more or to speak to one of our tire specialists, contact us at (907) 622-6288.