Tire Services (Eagle River)

Tire Services in Anchorage, AK

Tire Buying and Maintenance

While drivers often think of their tires as the reliable, ever-ready feature to their car, tires do have an expiration date. Yes, tires are subject to punctures and unexpected blowouts, but they are also worn down ever so slightly over time. Worn tires have decreased traction with the road, which means they are less safe for you and your passengers. A tire’s expiration date is different for every car and driver since the wear is determined by the type of tire, the driver’s habits, and the age of the tires. Having to choose a set of new tires is a daunting task, but at Alaska Tire Service in Eagle River, Alaska, our technicians can help you with every part of the process.

Ongoing Preventative Maintenance

The most cost-saving habit you can develop for your tires is preventative maintenance. The longer your current tires last, the longer you can wait before investing in a new set. Services like wheel alignment adjust the angle at which your tires hit the road to make sure the stress is being placed at the center of the tire tread. Tire rotation checks the health of all four tires to make sure they are wearing at the same rate and adjusts tires if they are wearing more or less quickly. At Alaska Tire Service, our technicians perform these services and more to make sure your tires last longer but also to provide regular opportunities to check for punctures. If a puncture is detected early enough, it can be effectively patched to avoid purchasing a whole new tire. If you’re concerned about the health of your tires, call (907) 622-6288 to speak with one of our technicians.

Driving Habits Determine Tire Selection

The way an owner drives their vehicle also determines the life of the tires. If you pay attention to your own driving habits, you can avoid causing early wear in your tires. Our technicians will tell you that braking late and hard will cause your tread to wear much faster. Giving more space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you means you will not have cause to brake so suddenly. If you’re aware of your driving habits, and also your driving needs, it will make the tire selection process much easier when you have to purchase a new set. If you know you have a lead foot and make no apologies, a performance tire will emphasize the handling in your vehicle and smooth out the ride. If the tires are for your work vehicle and you spend time on some roughly-surfaced roads, an all-terrain tire may better suit your needs. Stop by our Eagle River location at 12400 Old Glenn Highway #5 to discuss your tire needs with our highly-trained technicians.