Summer Tire Maintenance at Alaska Tire Service

Summer Tire Maintenance

Steer into Summer Safely.

Learn About Summer Car Maintenance & Driving Tips
to Stay Safe on the Roads this Season.

In every season, it is important to stay on top of your vehicle’s necessary maintenance needs as well as understand safe driving tips to avoid dangerous accidents on the road. Find great summer driving and maintenance tips below and contact us with any questions.

Alaska Tire Service is proud to help all of Anchorage stay safe on the roads in every season. Call or stop into our location today with any service needs or safe driving questions today!

Summer Vehicle Tips

Don’t Drive on Winter Tires in the Summer.

Winter tires are designed to give superior traction on ice and snow. You may assume this traction would only help on the dry and wet roads of summer, however, you’re sacrificing handling. In addition, winter tires in the summer are also squirmy and noisy as the road.

Healthy, well-maintained summer tires give you improved safety and a longer tire life, as well as a bit of peace of mind when you need it most. Summer tires have a harder compound that makes them roll more easily, saving you money at the pump. If you drive on your winter times year-round, you’ll definitely end up spending more on fuel.

If you have studded winter tires, notice that these were legally require to be removed by May 1, 2018 in Anchorage, Alaska. If you’re still driving with studded tires, be sure to comply with these laws and get them removed as soon as possible to avoid costly fines. Alaska Tire Service offers superior studded tire removal service, as well as winter to summer tire changes, so contact us to take care of your tire needs today.

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Ensure Proper Tire Pressure.

Tire pressure naturally changes with the rising outdoor temperatures (approximately one to two PSI/pounds per square inch for every 10-degree increase in outside air temperature.) Under or over-inflated tires may not accelerate, brake or steer properly.

An under-inflated tire bulges outward and puts pressure on the sidewalls of the tire. With enough heat and pressure, that tire will eventually blow.

An over-inflated tire, on the other hand, makes less contact with the road and can lead to hydroplaning in wet conditions.

Let Alaska Tire Service check your tires for inflation as well as any tire repair needs.

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Know When to Say “See Ya” to Old Tires.

In Alaska, we only have our summer tires on for a few months out of the year, allowing them to last many years. However, old tires are at an increased risk of a blowout.

Before you even consider taking on a long trip, determine if tossing them out and replacing them with new ones is necessary. Although thread may be in good condition, older tires tend to develop dry rot and crack, causing separation of the tire layers, which can cause failure or blow out.

Let Alaska Tire Service check your tires for age and damage as well as any tire repair or replace them if needed.

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